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Libraries for C++ that support millisecond time.

Windows Installation

  • Install in "C:\boost\<version>

Windows Visual Studio

  • Tools/C++/Precompiled headers. Set to "Not Using Precompiled Headers".
  • Tools/C++/General/Additional Include Directories/ add the path to Boost.
  • Add #include <boost/lambda/lambda.hpp>
  • Add Properties/Linker/General/Additional Library Directories C:\boost\<version>\stage\lib

Building Boost

  • No matter what the documentation says, you have to build the binary libraries.
  • From a DOS prompt

> bootstrap.bat

  • To adjust configuration, edit: 'project-config.jam'
  • To set the Tool Set use

> bootstrap.bat vcXX

  • Command Line help

.\b2 --help

  • Getting started guide[2].
  • Boost.Build documentation[3].

>bjam <no options>

and let it build. It compiles with the highest VS found, in this case VS2012.

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