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Minor Miracle Software®
If it works, it's a minor miracle.
Jesse B. Dooley
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Employment History



  1. Astro Mechanics
  2. Boost Library
  3. C++ Standard Template Library
  4. C++ Tidbits
  5. Cygwin
  6. Databases
  7. GNU Make Manual
  8. Mozilla Firefox Manual
  9. Software Colors
  10. Text Editors
  11. Parallel Programming
  12. Visual Studio C++ to Gcc
  13. Visual Studio C++ Libraries
  14. Visual Studio C++ Parallel Programming
  15. Visual Studio Notes
  16. Windows (OS)

Miscellaneous Stunts and Endeavors

  1. Drawing in Pencil
  2. Colossal Cave Adventure 350 linux version derived from the windows version. Source code included, just ignore the warning messages during the compile.
  3. Elenco FM-88K Kit (Electronics)
  4. Metric Clock (Analog)
Wallops Employee Cookbook 2021


Public PGP Key

Space Exploration

NASA Space Shuttle Mission Patches