RMS Titanic Legend

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The R.M.S. Titanic Legend

A Dooley bought a ticket on the R.M.S. Titanic. But not THIS Dooley

Figure 1. What did the berg look like anyway?

The Titanic's story is more than just a good movie or about a big ship hitting a much bigger ice cube. It is an epic about human kind's limitless capacity for heroism, greed, overconfidence, self-delusion and stupidity. It includes Titanic's sister ships the Olympic and Britannic. The U.S. Congressional and British hearings. The First World War. The White Star Line's demise. The International Ice Patrol[1]. Even the Titans, giants who rebelled against the Olympian Gods and were cast into a pit. An epic worth Homer's attention.

Some things you might be wondering about. How can you miss seeing a 300,000 ton iceberg? Who in their right mind tries to fish-tail a 46,000 ton ship? The next time you watch a Titanic movie and hear, "Iceberg right ahead!" put your hands around your mouth and yell, "PORT! PORT! HARD TO PORT!" The ship's wheel is turned in the desired direction, a tiller is turned in the opposite direction.


  • A Night to Remember by Walter Lord. An excellent historical account. Those new to the legend should start here.
  • James Cameron's Titanic by Edward Marsh, Douglas Kirkland, and James Cameron. The book about the movie.

R.M.S. Titanic Links

Links to the 1997 movie by James Cameron

  • The movie site. Titanic[2] - official site from Paramount.

Historical R.M.S. Titanic Links

  • Encyclopedia Titanica[3] - An excellent site. See if you can find your family's name. I did.
  • Webring[4] - Search on Titanic[5] for web rings with a Titanic theme.
  • R.M.S. Titanic Official Casualty Figures and Commentary[6]
  • Titanic - A Tragic Destiny[7]
  • Ocean Planet - "How Deep Can They Go?" - wreck information.[8]
  • Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition[9]
  • Usenet - alt.history.ocean-liners[10]


  • Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic[11][12]
  • Titanic: Adventure Out of Time[13]

Titanic Parodies

Titanic Modeling

  • Official Titanic Scale Model Page[15]

Needed Sites

  • 3D Hologram depicting the R.M.S. Titanic.
  • Cabin assignments
  • Dining Schedule
  • Social Events

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