SQL Server 2016 Installation

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SQL Server: Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2016 Installing and Configuring performance testing. Editions Limits 1 Enterprise none 2 Standard 3 Web 4 Developer 5 Express

sockets vs. cores in physical and virtual make sure to balance the cores assigned to sockets.

Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) Windows Server 2016 Install and configure Microsoft Update, superset to Windows Update. Power Management Settings. CPU-Z utility - Clock Speed test utility. Hypervisor has its own power policy.

Windows Right to service account

  • perform volume maintenance tasks.
  • Lock pages in memory

Anti-virus/malware should skip .MDF, .NDF, and .LDF files.

Enable Intel hyper-threading, Intel Turbo Boost. Check BIOS/UEFI power management Node interleaving disabled. Enable Visualization settings.

Raid 10 Mirror + Striping, usable 1/2 enable cache dedicate cache to writes, they are more expensive.

CrystalDiskMark test each logical drive with large, multi GB, files.

2016 Management Studio is installed separately.

Ping other instances.

Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution Email notification only, pager and net removed in 2016.

1224 - Beginner Azure

Data Lakes - Massively Scalable Storage. Stored in native formats. TB size data sets.

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