Windows 7 to Ubuntu 16

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Being totally disgusted with Windows 10[1] I'm migrating my laptop to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS[2]. This article describes that effort


The laptop is an HP ENVY dv7-7230us[3]. The motherboard is a 1.9GHz AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M. The graphics system is an AMD Radeon HD 7640G. The memory was upgraded to 16GB. The HDD was upgraded to a Crucial MX300 SSD 750GB.

  • AMD hardware drivers - They worked until a reboot. Then they destroyed the boot partition. The generic drivers work just fine.

Ubuntu Flavor

Learned the hard way that Desktop Environments (DE) are tied to the installation image. Adding a new one, say Cinnamon to Gnome, will run both at once, one atop the other. Settled on Gnome (Flashback Metacity) because the command bar is configurable to my taste.

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