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This article lists journals that might, by some miracle, accept my research articles.

Publication Types

  1. Peer Reviewed - Toughest to publish in.
  2. Conference - Not reviewed, easier to publish.
  3. Non-CS journals - Probably easiest research publication.
  4. Non-journals - Easiest publication.

Publication Outlets

  1. AI Magazine[1] Journal of record for AI
  2. Applied Mathematics and Computation
  3. Artificial Life Resources[2]
  4. Artificial Life and Robotics (Springer)[3]
  5. ACM Open Access Publication[4] <- Try this one first.
  6. Computability[5] peer-reviewed
  7. Galactic Journal for Unnatural Computation
  8. International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence Organization (IJCAI)[6]
  9. International Journal of Artificial Life Research (IJALR)[7]
  10. International Journal of Unconventional Computing[8]
  11. International Society for Artificial Life,[9]
  12. MIT Journals Artificial Life[10][11]
  13. Minds and Machines[12]
  14. Natural Computing[13]
  15. Science Publications[14]
  16. Theoretical Computer Science[15]


  1. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy[16]


  1. Speciesgame[17]

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