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The discipline was named by Christopher G. Langton, an American computer scientist, in 1986.[3]
Christopher G. Langton[1][2] 1948 -
Soft - Software based
Hard - Hardware based
Wet - biochemical

Shannon's Information Theory
Thermodynamics and Computation.


Origin of Species - Charles Darwin 1859-72

Communications of the ACM[3]

May 2010 Beyond Total Capture: A Constructive Critique of Lifelogging November 2010 Using Complexity to Protect Elections
March 2011 Plug-and-Play Macroscopes September 2011 Protecting Users of the Cyber Commons
October 2011 Biology as Reactivity November 2011 Nanonetworks
February 2012 Text-Mining the Voice of the People March 2012 Turing's Titanic Machine?
August 2012 Quantum Money November 2013 Technologies for Caring for People with Dementia
January 2014 Touchless Interaction in Surgery August 2014 Efficient Maximum Flow Algorithms
October 2014 Reading News with Maps by Exploiting Spatial Synonyms May 2015 Optimization as Motion Selection Principle in Robot Action
July 2015 Exascale Computing and Big Data January 2016 Spatial Computing
August 2016 Computational Biology in the 21st Century November 2016 Sex as an Algorithm
September 2017 Moving Beyond the Turing Test with the Allen AI Science Challenge November 2017 Reconfigurable Cambits
February 2018 The Next Phase in the Digital Revolution March 2018 A Programmable Programming Language
May 2018 Speech Emotion Recognition


Orfanidis-i2sp.pdf Introduction to Signal Processing[4] by Sophocles J. Orfanidis, 2010


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Calculus 10e by Larson and Edwards[7]

  1. Calculus 10e Larson Edwards - ebook
  2. Calculus 10e Larson Edwards - Odd Numbered Answers - ebook

Web Sites

  1. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence[8]
  2. Understanding Evolution[9] UC Berkely

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