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In the Pre-Graphic Internet days, say before 1990, a person would keep notes on some subject that interested him in a notebook. He would start with an outline, then add notes, citation and tape pictures to the pages. After it was finished, it might be discarded, kept for personal reference, or edited for publication. When asked to demonstrate knowledge about this subject, the author would produce the notebook and describe how he wrote it. Often the story about writing the notebook was just as interesting as the notebook itself. The great American writer Isaac Asimov[1] perfected the notebook technique with many works. The best being Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare[2][3]

The great American writer Ray Bradbury[4] could not afford a college education so he took the notebook technique to its logical conclusion. He planned out and completed an entire Bachelors Degree in English Literature using notebooks. After work he would head to the public library, choose a book, read it, and write a notebook about the plot, character development, language use, etc., and repeated the process. At job interviews he would bring the best notebooks to prove his skill.

The University Wiki is my effort to extend this technique by placing my notes on a public facing website. This way my notes are available on the Internet where I, and other, can read them.

The name University was selected because my interests range widely.

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