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This article describes my independent study effort for a Research Doctorate of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Computer Science.[1]

The goal is to learn all the needed skills for a Doctorate in Computer Science, including publishing academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and university grade scientific research. Upon completion my work will be indistinguishable from any computer scientist with a conventional Ph.D.

Scientific Research has three steps:

  1. Study a given phenomenon.
  2. Describe that phenomenon in some medium.
  3. Publish that description in some public media outlet.

The last step is the most important. Keeping a scientific discovery private is selfish and does no one any good. The discovery dies with the author. As so many good discoveries have. Keeping the world ignorant about a scientific discovery is selfish. Keeping the world ignorant about a medical cure is criminal and sinful.


Main Article: Requirements
Degree requirements for a Doctorate in Philosophy in Computer Science Research.


Main Article: Matriculation
In this context Matriculation[2] means fulfilling the degree requirements.


Main Article: Diploma
The diploma awarded upon completing the matriculation.

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